Microsoft.Speech.AudioFormat Namespace

The Microsoft.Speech.AudioFormat namespace consists of a single class, SpeechAudioFormatInfo, which contains information about the format of the audio that is being input to the speech recognition engine, or being output from the speech synthesis engine.

You can use the properties of SpeechAudioFormatInfo to obtain information about specific characteristics of an audio format. These properties are read-only, except for BlockAlign, which you can use to set the block alignment of incoming audio. To get all the properties of the incoming audio format, use the FormatSpecificData() method.

Using the constructors on the SpeechAudioFormatInfo class, you can specify any of the properties of the audio format when you initialize the object.


  Class Description
Public class SpeechAudioFormatInfo Represents information about an audio format.


  Enumeration Description
Public enumeration AudioBitsPerSample Enumerates values that describe the bits-per-sample characteristic of an audio format.
Public enumeration AudioChannel Enumerates values that indicate the number of channels in the audio format.
Public enumeration EncodingFormat Enumerates values that describe the encoding format of audio.

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