Microsoft Grammar Development Tools

This section provides documentation for a set of command-line tools that you can use to validate, debug, test, and optimize grammars for voice applications. You can use the Microsoft Grammar Development Tools to find errors, inefficiencies, and redundancies in grammars. The Grammar Development Tools will help you to optimize your grammars, to find the optimum confidence level setting for your speech recognition context, and to test the results of your optimizations.

The following links provide instructions and examples for using the Grammar Development Tools at various stages in the grammar creation process.


See the following topic before your first use of the Grammar Development Tools.


The following tools are helpful for maximizing the likelihood that grammars will function as expected, and contain the most useful content for an optimum recognition experience.

Tuning with Utterances

Either before you deploy, or after you receive feedback from a live deployment, you can use the following tools to tune your grammars based on analysis of simulated recognition for batches of utterances.


When you are ready to deploy, use the following tools to compile your grammars to a binary format, and to optionally optimize your grammars for peak performance in the environment in which you expect your application to run.


You can find the executable files for the Grammar Development Tools in the Tools folder under the directory that contains your installation of the Microsoft Speech Platform SDK 11.


You can use the Grammar Development Tools on systems running Windows XP, but only for some providers. Using the "local" provider is not supported on Windows XP. See Speech Recognition Engine Configuration File Settings for more information. However, Windows XP does NOT provide support for any of the other functionality of the Speech Platform SDK 11. See Microsoft Speech Platform SDK 11 Requirements and Installation.

For information about authoring grammars, see and Grammars Overview (Microsoft.Speech) and Create Grammars (Microsoft.Speech).

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