Browser.CallProxy.ProxyPageState Enumeration

Represents the state of an attempt to load a VoiceXML document.

Namespace:  Microsoft.Speech.VoiceXml
Assembly:  Microsoft.Speech.VoiceXml (in Microsoft.Speech.VoiceXml.dll)


Protected Enumeration ProxyPageState
Dim instance As Browser.CallProxy.ProxyPageState
protected enum ProxyPageState


Member name Description
Success The page is loaded.
StartPageInInvalidUri The URI given for the start page is not valid.
VoiceXmlBrowserFailedToLoadPage The Browser could not load the start page.
VoiceXmlGeneralError An error occurred in processing the page.
VoiceXmlGeneralWarning A non-fatal error occurred in processing the page.
PageNotFound The page specified by the URI could not be retrieved.
ServerNotAvailable The server that contains the VoiceXML start page could not be contacted.
MalFormedXml There is an error in the syntax or structure of the VoiceXML page.

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