Browser.CallProxy.ProxyCallStateTransitionReason Enumeration

Represents the reasons for call state transitions.

Namespace:  Microsoft.Speech.VoiceXml
Assembly:  Microsoft.Speech.VoiceXml (in Microsoft.Speech.VoiceXml.dll)


Protected Enumeration ProxyCallStateTransitionReason
Dim instance As Browser.CallProxy.ProxyCallStateTransitionReason
protected enum ProxyCallStateTransitionReason


Member name Description
None Unspecified or unknown reason.
Ringing One of the remote endpoints is ringing. This reason is only raised once.
CallDelayed The call is delayed.
Establishing The call is being initiated.
Accepted The call is being accepted.
Established Call establishment is completed.
EstablishFailed Call establishment failed.
TerminatedLocally The local participant has terminated the call.
TerminatedRemotely The remote participant has terminated the call.
Canceled The call has been canceled.
TransferredLocally The call has been transferred by the local participant.
TransferredRemotely The call has been transferred by the remote participant.
TransferSent The transfer message was sent.
TransferAccepted The incoming transfer request was accepted.
TransferFailed The transfer operation failed.
CallTransferred The call was transferred successfully.
Terminated The call was terminated.
Deflected No reason was specified.
DeflectedWithUnknownReason The reason specified is unknown.
DeflectedToAnotherDestination The call is being forwarded to another target.
DeflectedToTeam The call is being forwarded as a team call.
DeflectedToDelegate The call is being forwarded to a delegate.
DeflectedByAutomaticCallDistributor The call is being forwarded to an automatic call distributor.
CallParked The call has been put on hold.
ParkFailed The attempt to put the call on hold failed.
CallReplaced The call was replaced with another call.

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