Microsoft Speech Platform


ISpVoice::SetSyncSpeakTimeout sets the timeout interval in milliseconds after which synchronous Speak and SpeakStream calls to this voice will timeout.

<pre IsFakePre="true" xmlns=""> <strong>HRESULT SetSyncSpeakTimeout(</strong> <strong> ULONG</strong> <em>msTimeout</em> <strong>);</strong> </pre>


  • msTimeout
    [in] Value specifying the timeout interval in milliseconds. The default is 10 seconds. INFINITE may also be used to prevent timeouts.

Return Values

Value Description
S_OK Function completed successfully.


Timeouts occur when waiting for access to the output object.  This means that for a normal priority voice (see ISpVoice::SetPriority for more information on priorities) and an output device which implements ISpAudio, a timeout may occur while waiting to reacquire the output object after an interruption by an alert priority voice.  For voices of both normal and alert priorities, a timeout may also occur while waiting to reacquire the output object after the voice has been paused and resumed (see ISpVoice::Pause and ISpVoice::Resume).

Wait times are not accumulated - that is, if a voice waits for n milliseconds to initially acquire the output object, and is then paused and resumed, it will again wait for up to msTimeout milliseconds to reacquire the output object, not msTimeout - n milliseconds.