Microsoft Speech Platform


ISpVoice::Skip causes the voice to skip forward or backward the specified number of items within the text of the current speak call.

<pre IsFakePre="true" xmlns=""> <strong>HRESULT Skip(</strong> <strong> LPCWSTR</strong> *<em>pItemType</em>, <strong> long</strong> <em>lNumItems</em>, <strong> ULONG</strong> *<em>pulNumSkipped</em> <strong>);</strong> </pre>


  • pItemType
    [in,string] Specifies the type of item to skip. There are currently two supported types: "SENTENCE" and "MILLISECONDS".
  • lNumItems
    [in] Specifies the number of items to skip in the current speak request. If lNumItems is a positive number, the voice will skip forward, and if it is negative, the voice will skip backward.  If lNumItems is 0, the voice will skip back to the beginning of the current item.
  • pulNumSkipped
    [out] Pointer to a ULONG which will be set to the actual number of items skipped.

Return Values

Value Description
S_OK Function completed successfully.
E_INVALIDARG pItemType is invalid or bad.
E_POINTER pulNumSkipped is invalid or bad.
SPERR_VOICE_PAUSED Voice is in a paused state and may not be skipped.