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Version 1.1

The Microsoft Speech Application SDK Version 1.1 (SASDK) is a developer's kit for adding speech interfaces to Microsoft ASP.NET Web applications. The SASDK contains a wealth of resources, including ASP.NET Speech Controls, a rich voice mode grammar library, speech development tools, debugging tools, and log analysis tools. These tools enable developers to create applications that recognize spoken commands and depending on the mode, communicate a spoken or a visual response to the user.

The SASDK also includes documentation that provides a wide range of instructive and practical information. In addition to a reference for Speech Controls, the documentation offers conceptual overviews, information about the set of tools contained in the SASDK, and a tutorial that demonstrate how to create a specific type of application. As an aid to help locate information, the following section lists and describes the main areas of the documentation.

Contents of the SASDK

  • Introducing Microsoft Speech Application SDK
    Find out about the features of the SASDK, computer speech technology, and speech-enabled applications. This section also contains the SASDK installation reference.
  • Learning with Microsoft Speech Application SDK
    Learn about important tasks, implementation concepts, speech component functionality, and best practices, and learn about designing a custom Speech Control.
  • Developing with Speech Application SDK
    Find topics designed to aid developers in learning how to develop, deploy, and manage speech applications, as well as reference material for Speech Controls and ASP.NET Application Speech Controls, Speech Application Language Tags (SALT), speech grammars, speech output, the event log schema, and the Microsoft.SpeechServer.Dom Interfaces.
  • Speech Application SDK Tutorial
    Learn how to build a simple voice-only application using the SASDK tools for Visual Studio .NET 2003.