Hardware and software requirements (Duet Enterprise)


Applies to: Duet Enterprise for Microsoft SharePoint and SAP

This article lists the prerequisites for installing Duet Enterprise for Microsoft SharePoint and SAP on Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010.

Hardware and Software requirements

Duet Enterprise requires SharePoint Server 2010 Enterprise Edition. The hardware and software requirements for installing Duet Enterprise on SharePoint Server 2010 are the same as those for installing SharePoint Server 2010. For a list of these requirements, see Hardware and software requirements (SharePoint Server 2010) (http://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/p/?LinkID=163709).


Duet Enterprise requires a SharePoint Server farm administrator to select the Complete option on the Server Type tab of the Choose the installation you want page in order to deploy SharePoint Server 2010.

Duet Enterprise integrates business data and processes from an SAP system into SharePoint Server 2010 Enterprise Edition. Duet Enterprise supports connecting one SharePoint Server 2010 farm to one server running SAP NetWeaver. The server running SAP NetWeaver can be connected to multiple SAP systems.

All single farm topologies and architectures that are supported in SharePoint Server 2010 Enterprise Edition are supported in Duet Enterprise. For documentation on planning server farms SharePoint Server 2010, see the following resources:

Browser support

Duet Enterprise supports the same browsers as SharePoint Server 2010. For a list of the supported browsers, see Plan browser support (SharePoint Server 2010) (http://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/p/?LinkID=190341).

SharePoint Designer 2010

If you deploy the Workflow solution that is provided with Duet Enterprise, you will need Microsoft SharePoint Designer 2010 to republish workflows to your workflow site. SharePoint Designer 2010 is a free download. Note that you can install SharePoint Designer to a server in a SharePoint Server farm or to a workstation computer.

To download SharePoint Designer 2010, use the following links.

Office client application support

Office client integration with Duet Enterprise requires Microsoft Office 2010 Pro Plus. For more information about interacting with Duet Enterprise sites from Microsoft Office 2010 Pro Plus, see End user considerations (http://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/p/?LinkId=205406).

Service applications that must be active

The following service applications must be configured and active in SharePoint Server 2010 before you install Duet Enterprise:

To ensure that the User Profile Synchronization Service is started and configured

  1. On the Central Administration Web site, on the Quick Launch, click Application Management.

  2. In the Service Applications section, click Manage services on server.

  3. If the User Profile Synchronization Service is stopped, you must start it. For information about how to start this service, see Configure profile synchronization (SharePoint Server 2010) (http://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/p/?LinkId=205433).