The domain is a federated domain but the user <User> is not known by Office 365


Topic Last Modified: 2011-10-25

The Microsoft Remote Connectivity Analyzer tool queries the Authentication Platform in the cloud to perform a realm discovery. Occasionally, the realm discovery process runs but still displays a warning message.

Realm discovery runs to generate the identity provider for the user. After the domain name passes the realm discovery check, an additional process runs to determine whether the user has an account in the Microsoft Office 365 environment. This additional check will not cause the test to fail, but it can cause an error that would generate a warning message.

The Remote Connectivity Analyzer displays the following warning message if the domain was federated but the user account was not enabled in the Office 365 environment:

The domain is a federated domain but the user is not known by Office 365

You can safely ignore this warning message.

More Information

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