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Applies to: Exchange Server 2007 SP3, Exchange Server 2007 SP2, Exchange Server 2007 SP1

Use the Enter Product Key wizard to enter a product key for a server running Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 that does not already have a product key configured.

When you install Exchange 2007, it is unlicensed. This is also known as a trial edition. The trial edition expires 120 days after the date of installation. A server that is unlicensed functions as an Exchange Server 2007 Standard Edition server, but is not eligible for support from Microsoft support services. When you start the Exchange Management Console, if you have Exchange 2007 servers in your organization that are unlicensed, Exchange will display a list of all unlicensed Exchange 2007 servers and the number of days that are remaining until the trial edition expires. If you have Exchange 2007 servers for which the trial edition has expired, Exchange will also display a separate warning for each expired server.

To license an Exchange 2007 server, you can use the Enter Product Key wizard in the Exchange Management Console or the Set-ExchangeServer cmdlet in the Exchange Management Shell. For more information about the Set-ExchangeServer cmdlet, see Set-ExchangeServer.

After you complete the Enter Product Key wizard or run the Set-ExchangeServer cmdlet, you must restart the Microsoft Exchange Information Store service so that the change is applied. Depending on the product key that you enter, Exchange will determine if the server is running Exchange Server 2007 Standard Edition or Exchange Server 2007 Enterprise Edition and will update any necessary settings.

On the Enter Product Key page, type the product key for the Exchange server, and then click Enter.


You can find the product key on the Exchange Server 2007 DVD case. The product key is a 25-character alphanumeric string, grouped in sets of five characters separated by hyphens. For more information about Volume Licensing, see Volume Licensing.


To view the product key status, in the Exchange Management Console, right-click Server Configuration, point to View, and then click Add/Remove Columns. Add the Product ID column, and then view the column in the result pane. If you have not licensed the server, the Product ID status is listed as Unlicensed. If you have licensed the server, the Product ID is a generated ID for the server.

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