Symantec Mail Security for Microsoft Exchange 4.5 update available

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Topic Last Modified: 2006-02-14

The Microsoft® Exchange Server Analyzer Tool queries the CIM_Datafile Microsoft Windows® Management Instrumentation (WMI) class to determine the value of the Version key for Savfmsevsapi.dll. If the value for the Version key indicates that the build number is 4.5 for this file, a warning is displayed.

A version number of 4.5 for Savfmsevsapi.dll indicates that you are not running the most current version of Symantec Mail Security for Microsoft Exchange 4.6x. A software update is available for Symantec Mail Security for Microsoft Exchange 4.6x from the Symantec Web site. Upgrading to version 4.63 or later versions is highly recommended and can improve overall performance and reliability.

The following are some of the known issues when you run the version 4.5 of the Savfmsevsapi.dll.

  • Exchange server mail flow processes can experience a decrease in performance during ordinary operations.

  • SMTP queues such as the Directory Lookup queue and the Local Delivery queue are backed up.

  • The Microsoft Exchange Information Store service cannot be stopped.

  • Microsoft Outlook® clients cannot connect to the Exchange server.

  • Messages sent from Outlook clients take much more time than is typical to deliver a message to the Exchange server. Outlook clients may be unresponsive for 30 seconds.

To correct this warning

  1. Visit the Enterprise Support page of the Symantec Web site (

  2. Upgrade to version 4.63 or a later version.


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