Microsoft.Exchange.Data.Mime.Encoders namespace


  Class Description
Public class Base64Decoder The Base64Decoder class decodes base64-encoded data.
Public class Base64Encoder The Base64Encoder class encodes data into the base64 encoding.
Public class BinHexDecoder The BinHexDecoder class decodes BinHex data.
Public class BinHexEncoder The BinHexEncoder class applies BinHex encoding.
Public class ByteEncoder The ByteEncoder class is a base class for the encoders and decoders in the Microsoft.Exchange.Data.Mime.Encoders namespace.
Public class ByteEncoderException The ByteEncoderException class provides an exception for internal errors in the Microsoft.Exchange.Data.Mime.Encoders namespace.
Public class EncoderStream The EncoderStream class uses an object derived from ByteEncoder to encode or decode data as it is read or written.
Public class MacBinaryHeader The MacBinaryHeader class represents a Mac Binary header in a BinHex data stream.
Public class QPDecoder The QPDecoder class decodes QuotedPrintable data.
Public class QPEncoder The QPEncoder class applies QuotedPrintable encoding.
Public class UUDecoder The UUDecoder class decodes UUCP-encoded data.
Public class UUEncoder The UUEncoder class applies UUCP encoding.


  Enumeration Description
Public enumeration EncoderStreamAccess The EncoderStreamAccess enumeration contains values that indicate the access type for a stream.