Microsoft.Exchange.Data.ContentTypes.iCalendar namespace


  Class Description
Public class CalendarReader The CalendarReader class provides a forward-only non-cached reader for iCalendar data streams.
Public class CalendarWriter The CalendarWriter class writes iCalendar data to an underlying stream and performs limited validation on the data written.
Public class InvalidCalendarDataException The InvalidCalendarDataException class represents an exception that is thrown when iCalendar data is encountered that does not comply with RFC2445.
Public class Recurrence The Recurrence class represents an iCalendar recurrence rule value type as defined by RFC 2445.


  Structure Description
Public structure CalendarParameterReader The CalendarParameterReader class returns information about parameters in an iCalendar stream.
Public structure CalendarPeriod The CalendarPeriod class represents an RFC2445 Period object.
Public structure CalendarPropertyReader The CalendarPropertyReader structure returns information about properties in an iCalendar data stream.
Public structure CalendarTime The CalendarTime structure represents a TIME value type as defined in RFC2445.
Public structure Recurrence.ByDay The Recurrence.ByDay structure represents a bydaylist recurrence value.


  Enumeration Description
Public enumeration CalendarComplianceMode The CalendarComplianceMode enumeration contains values that control how CalendarReader objects behave while reading iCalendar data.
Public enumeration CalendarComplianceStatus The CalendarComplianceStatus enumeration contains values that indicate either that the iCalendar data is compliant with RFC2445, or that indicate the problem that caused the iCalendar data to fail to comply with RFC2445.
Public enumeration CalendarValueType The CalendarValueType enumeration indicates the type of an iCalendar value.
Public enumeration ComponentId The ComponentId enumeration contains values that identify the iCalendar components that are specified in RFC 2445
Public enumeration Frequency The Frequency enumeration contains values that represent recurrence frequencies as defined by RFC2445.
Public enumeration ParameterId The ParameterId enumeration contains values that identify parameters.
Public enumeration PropertyId The PropertyId enumeration contains values that identify iCalendar properties.
Public enumeration RecurrenceProperties The RecurrenceProperties enumeration contains values that indicate which properties are valid on a Recurrence object.