connectorpwgen.bat reference


Applies to: FAST Search Server 2010

Use the connectorpwgen.bat command-line tool to encrypt passwords that are used by the FAST Search Lotus Notes connector and the FAST Search database connector.

When you run connectorpwgen.bat, you are prompted to type the password two times. The tool encrypts the password and prints the encrypted password on the console.

Copy the password (excluding any new lines or white spaces) and paste it into the appropriate configuration file, for example in the Domino server password parameter when you configure a FAST Search Lotus Notes connector.


To use a command-line tool, verify that you meet the following minimum requirements: You are a member of the FASTSearchAdministrators local group on the computer where FAST Search Server 2010 for SharePoint is installed.




Parameter Description


The path of the folder where you have installed FAST Search Server 2010 for SharePoint, for example C:\FASTSearch.

The connectorpwgen.bat tool takes no command-line options or parameters.



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Enter password:
Please confirm:
Encrypted password = AQAAANCMnd8BFdERjHoAwE/Cl+sBAAAAPF3E/uqo8kuy05Vfl6hBWAAAAA

The encrypted password starts with "AQAA", ends with "9+0P", and has no newline characters. When copying more than one line from a console, the copied string contains new lines; remove the new lines when pasting the encrypted password into a configuration file.



The encryption/decryption key depends on the user who performs the encryption/decryption. The user who will run the FAST Search Lotus Notes connector or the FAST Search database connector) must run the connectorpwgen.bat tool.

You must run the connectorpwgen.bat tool from the <FASTSearchFolder>\bin folder and have JAVA_HOME set to a 32-bit JRE (Java 1.6 or newer).