Applies to: SharePoint Server 2010

Retrieves one or more crawled properties from Microsoft FAST Search Server 2010 for SharePoint.


Get-FASTSearchMetadataCrawledProperty [[-Name] <String>] [-Count <Nullable>] [-Filter <String>] [-Offset <Nullable>]

Detailed Description

This cmdlet retrieves one or more crawled properties from the FAST Search Server 2010 for SharePoint system. If the cmdlet is called without any parameters, it returns all crawled properties in the system. The order of the returned crawled property list is fixed, and multiple calls return the same ordered list as long as no new crawled properties have been added.


This cmdlet returns one or more matching crawled properties. To match exactly one crawled property, use Set-FASTSearchMetadataCrawledproperty instead. This may be needed if multiple crawled properties have the same name but are part of different categories.

Get-FASTSearchMetadataCrawledProperty supports several ways of looking up properties. If the cmdlet is run with a single parameter or with a named parameter (using Name), the cmdlet retrieves crawled properties with that exact name, if any exist. The Name parameter supports wildcard characters. Alternatively, a filter can be specified (using the Filter parameter) to search the crawled properties and to return any crawled property with a name that includes the filter value. The filter option does not support wildcard characters.

To paginate a set of results from this cmdlet, use an Offset and Count to control the number of returned results.


Parameter Required Type Description




The name of crawled property to retrieve.

The Name parameter supports the following wildcard characters:

  • The [*] wildcard match any string of zero or more characters

  • The [?] wildcard match any single character

  • The [`] (backtick) character can be put in front of a wildcard character to indicate that it should be interpreted as a literal character and not as a wildcard character

You can combine the Name parameter with the Offset and Count parameters to control the range that is searched.




The maximum number of crawled properties to return (starting from the first returned crawled property, or from the index given by the Offset parameter).

If the Filter or Name parameter is specified, these will only be applied after the result set has been narrowed down to the range [Offset, Offset + Count].




The term used to search for configured crawled properties.

The Filter parameter does not support wildcards. Matching is case-insensitive, and matches a string anywhere within the name attribute of the crawled property.




The offset in the result set from which to start returning results.

Input Types

Return Types


---------------EXAMPLE 1-----------------


Calling Get-FASTSearchMetadataCrawledProperty without any parameters returns all known crawled properties in the FAST Search Server 2010 for SharePoint system.

---------------EXAMPLE 2-----------------

Get-FASTSearchMetadataCrawledProperty -Name viewurl

This example retrieves a crawled property with the exact name “viewurl”.

---------------EXAMPLE 3-----------------

Get-FASTSearchMetadataCrawledProperty -filter 4

This example retrieves and returns any crawled property that includes a “4” in its name.

---------------EXAMPLE 4-----------------

Get-FASTSearchMetadataCrawledproperty -Name *url -count 2

This example retrieves the first two crawled properties that have a name ending with “url”.

---------------EXAMPLE 5-----------------

Get-FASTSearchMetadataCrawledproperty |ForEach-Object{ if ($_.IsMappedToContents) {$_.Name} }

This example returns the names of all crawled properties that have the IsMappedToContents parameter set to “true”. The example first retrieves all configured crawled properties, and then iterates over them to find those with IsMappedToContents set to “true”

---------------EXAMPLE 6-----------------

Get-FASTSearchMetadataCrawledproperty -offset 0 -count 2
Get-FASTSearchMetadataCrawledproperty -offset 2 -count 2
Get-FASTSearchMetadataCrawledproperty -offset 4 -count 2

This example generates a list of two crawled properties each time the cmdlet is run. The Offset is increased by the Count value to start returning crawled properties where the last run ended.

---------------EXAMPLE 7-----------------

Get-FASTSearchMetadataCrawledProperty -filter url| where-object {($_.Name -eq "url") -and ($_.VariantType -eq 31) -and ($_.Propset -eq "63e90878-0292-490d-8b7c-f3905a8b65fd")}

This example lists all potential matches to a named crawled property, and then selects the exact crawled property by iterating over the result set and picking out the result that also matches both the requested property set and variant type. The command returns the “url” crawled property in the “Enterprise Crawler” category.

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