Install the operating system for Groove Server Relay


Applies to: Groove Server 2010

Topic Last Modified: 2010-02-09

This article provides information and procedures about how to install the operating system to support Groove Server 2010 Relay.

In this article:

  • Before you begin

  • Install the operating system for Groove Server Relay

Before you begin

Before you start this procedure, address the following prerequisites:

  • Prepare the network to support Groove Server Relay, as described in Prepare the network for Groove Server Relay.

  • Ensure that none of the following applications or services are installed or operating on the intended Groove Server Relay system:

    • Groove Server Manager

    • Microsoft SharePoint Workspace

    • Microsoft Office

    • Microsoft SharePoint Server

    • Any Microsoft Office server application

    • IIS (or other Web servers or applications that listen on port 80, 443, or other relay listening ports)

    • On-line backup utilities and services that backup files that are open for reading or writing in the Groove Server Relay installation or data directories

Install the operating system for Groove Server Relay

The following procedure provides guidance for installing the operating system to support a Groove Server Relay installation.

To install the operating system for Groove Server Relay

  1. Address the requirements in Before you begin.

  2. Install a clean version of Windows Server 2008 Standard Edition x64 on a clean dedicated server that meets the specifications in System requirements for Groove Server 2010.

  3. Configure disk partitions as follows:

    • Set the system (boot) partition size to at least 50 GB or three times the physical memory size plus 25 GB, whichever is larger.

    • Set the data partition to at least 700 GB.

      The Groove Server Relay installer lets you select the directories where the program, database, and log files will reside. Disk allocations vary, depending on the type and number of drives that you make available for relay server operation. The goal is to achieve a high performance operational disk configuration. See the Optimal disk setup table that follows this procedure.

  4. Install or omit Windows operating system components as specified in the Windows components table that follows.

Optimal disk setup

Drive NTFS Partition Size Disk Channel Contents

C: Boot


Ch1, Disk1, RAID 0+1

OS, Groove Server 2010 Relay program, OS swap






700+ GB NTFS

Ch2, Disk2, RAID (write caching enabled)

Groove Server Relay data

Windows components

Do NOT install these components: Install these components as needed:
  • Internet Information Service (IIS)

    The Groove Relay service listens on ports 80 and 443. IIS use of these same ports will conflict with Groove Relay use of these ports.
  • Active Directory

    The Groove Server Relay uses the services of the Groove Server 2010 Manager instead of Active Directory services. The presence of Active Directory services and other Windows services decrease relay server performance.

The following components should not be installed because they decrease relay server performance:

  • Internet Mail Service/SMTP virtualization server

  • Content Indexing

  • Transaction Service

  • Message Queue Service

  • Domain Name Service

  • Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) Service

  • WINS Service

  • Management and Monitoring Tools/Network Monitor Tools

    • Supports analysis of network packets.

    (Supports analysis of network packets.)

  • Remote Registry Service

    • Supports remote access to performance counters