Groove Server Manager directory reference


Applies to: Groove Server 2010

Topic Last Modified: 2009-11-10

This topic provides a summary of directories for the Groove Server 2010 Manager Web site, which is created during software installation. The resulting Web site consists of the following physical directories in IIS under wwwroot:

  • GMS14\

  • GMS14\Admin

  • GMS14\Client

The following table lists the Groove Server 2010 Manager virtual directories that map to these physical directories:

Groove Server Manager virtual directories Description Maps to:

Groove Manager 14 Web site

Web root.

Authentication requirement: Anonymous authentication.



Supports the dynamic link library (DLL) that is the main entry point for transactions from Microsoft SharePoint Workspace clients. The Groove Server Manager URL (that you define during installation) must point to this subdirectory which resides in the Groove Server Manager root directory of IIS. Microsoft SharePoint Workspace clients must be able to connect to GMSclient in the root directory as anonymous users. This directory must be available from the Internet.

Authentication requirement: Anonymous authentication



Supports the Groove Auto-Account Configuration/Restoration feature, described in Automate SharePoint Workspace account configuration/restoration. The directory uses SSL for encryption and is secured using IIS Integrated Windows authentication. The SOAP transactions involved in the Auto-Account Configuration/Restoration process depend on SSL for encryption.

Authentication requirement: Integrated Windows authentication

Encryption requirement: Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption



Clients contact this virtual directory to get the list of available Groove Server Manager URLs.

Authentication requirement: Anonymous authentication



Supports the Auto-Activate feature associated with earlier versions of Microsoft SharePoint Workspace client.

Authentication requirement: Integrated Windows authentication



Supports the administrative interface Web pages (.aspx files) and the main entry point to the administrative interface.


Due to the sensitive information available through the administrative interface, make sure that you secure this administrative directory and all its files by using Windows Authentication, as described in Secure the Groove Server Manager installation.

Authentication requirement: Integrated Windows authentication