Backing up SharePoint Workspace accounts


Applies to: SharePoint Workspace 2010, Groove Server 2010

Topic Last Modified: 2010-02-11

This article describes how to schedule automatic backups of Microsoft SharePoint Workspace accounts for administration domain members. If a SharePoint Workspace user loses a managed account, you cannot retrieve the account information or the user’s workspace content unless you have a backup system in effect (or unless the user has chosen to save the account as a file locally). Groove Server Manager provides a policy for scheduling automatic SharePoint Workspace account backups so that saved account data can be available for restoration if a user account or computer has been compromised.

SharePoint Workspace accounts consist of user identity information, contact lists, the workspace list, and domain management settings (including policies, and device and relay information), all of which is saved during account backup. User accounts do not include Groove workspace data and instant messages, so these are not backed up. SharePoint Workspace users can retrieve workspace content from other members of Groove workspaces to which they belong, by using the workspace list as a reference, together with the Groove Fetch capability.

This procedure requires that Groove Server 2010 Manager is installed as described in Deployment for Groove Server 2010.

To schedule automatic backups of SharePoint Workspace account data

  1. Log on to the Groove Server Manager administrative Web site, expand Policies, and then click Default or another policy template.

  2. On the Member Policies tab, under Account Backup Policies, enter a value in the field, Back up account interval in days, to specify the number of days between server backups of user account data.


    Specify short backup intervals to help ensure that backed up accounts will be available when needed.

  3. Click Save Changes in the toolbar. Any domain group or member to whom you assign this identity policy template will be subject to the policy that you defined.

Groove Server Manager saves SharePoint Workspace user accounts at the interval that you defined. If Active Directory is integrated with your Groove Server Manager system, automating account recovery is the recommended method of recovering backed-up accounts, as described in Automate SharePoint Workspace account configuration/restoration. Otherwise, you can manually recover backed-up user accounts as described in Recovering SharePoint Workspace accounts.

After SharePoint Workspace clients receive this policy from Groove Server Manager, domain member accounts will be backed up according to the schedule that is specified in this policy. This policy applies to domain members who are subject to this policy template. For information about assigning policy templates to domain members, see Deploying policies to SharePoint Workspace users