Changing directory integration settings


Applies to: Groove Server 2010

Topic Last Modified: 2010-02-11

This article provides information and procedures about how to change current directory integration settings for Groove Server Manager if an Active Directory forest is integrated with management system.

This procedure requires that Groove Server Manager is installed as described in Install and configure Groove Server 2010 Manager.

To view or change directory integration information

  1. Configure Active Directory for integration with Groove Server Manager, as described in Prepare Active Directory for Groove Server Manager.

  2. Log on to the Groove Server Manager administrative Web site and select the management domain in the left navigation pane.

  3. Click the Directory Integration tab. The Directory Integration page appears. From this page, you can view synchronization information, enable an SSL link for the serves, and change the Groove Server Manager mapping for your Active Directory forest. The labels on the left correspond to SharePoint Workspace contact information fields. The labels on the right side represent Active Directory forest equivalents.


    The Directory Integration tab appears only if you have integrated an Active Directory forest with Groove Server Manager, as described in Prepare Active Directory for Groove Server Manager.

  4. Ensure that Require SSL is selected, to require an SSL link between the Groove Server Manager and Active Directory servers. This setting helps secure Manager and Active Directory server transactions.

  5. Edit the contents of the Active Directory field mapping on the right side as needed, by using valid Active Directory forest values.

  6. Use the text boxes at the bottom of the page to add custom labels and attributes. Fill in the custom labels and attributes and then click the plus sign to add multiple label/attribute pairs. Once you have added a custom label attribute, a minus sign appears which can be used for removing the attribute


    Save the page before moving to a different tab, to avoid losing your changes.


    Any custom fields that you add will not affect the information that appears on the SharePoint Workspace user contact information that is stored on the client.