Scheduling a meeting

This topic contains frequently asked Live Meeting presenter questions.

Q. How do I use the Meet Now feature in Live Meeting?

A. The Meet Now feature is a helpful alternative to typical scheduled Live Meeting sessions. By using the Meet Now command, you can create a virtual office to which you can immediately invite meeting participants. This may be helpful to enable you to present information, to collaborate on documents, or to share an application from a computer.

Before you use the Meet Now feature, make sure that your Live Meeting account and your Meet Now options are configured.

To start a Meet Now meeting

  1. Start a Web browser program, and then type the URL of the Live Meeting conference center. If you do not know the URL of the conference center, contact your Live Meeting account administrator.

  2. On the Login to Live Meeting Manager page, type your user name and password in the appropriate boxes.

  3. Click Login.

  4. On the My Home page under Meet, click Meet Now. This action starts the Live Meeting console and joins you to the meeting as a presenter.

  5. After the meeting console is displayed, you can invite participants to the meeting. To do this, click Attendees, click Invite, and then click By E-mail. This action opens an attendee e-mail invitation by using your e-mail client program.

  6. Add all the attendees in the To: line of the e-mail invitation by manually typing the appropriate e-mail addresses or by using the address book.

  7. In the message body, modify or type any additional information that you want to send about the meeting.

  8. Send the invitation.

Note: The invitation is sent by using the e-mail client program. It is not sent through a Live Meeting e-mail server.

Q. How do I import a document in Live Meeting?

A. You can import a document to share information during a scheduled meeting or during a Meet Now meeting. You can import any document that was created by using a Microsoft Office application or that was created by using any other application that supports printing.

To import a document

  1. In the Content pane of the Live Meeting console, click Share, and then click Upload File. Click the document that you want to share, and then click Open.

  2. If the document requires conversion to Microsoft Office Document Image (MODI) format, Live Meeting displays a message that describes this step. Click Continue, and then wait for the document to be imported to the Live Meeting console.

  3. To display the document, in the Content pane, click the document that you want to share. If the document contains multiple parts (for example, several slides in a presentation), each part is displayed in the Thumbnails pane.