Enable or disable hot desking in Lync Server 2013


Topic Last Modified: 2013-02-20

You can set up common area phones as hot-desk phones. With hot-desk phones, users can log on to their own user account, and, after they are logged on, use Lync Server features and their own user profile settings. Hot desking is managed by using client policies: to enable or disable hot desking, you need to modify the client policies that are used by your common area phones. For details about how to determine the conferencing policies that have been assigned to your common area phones, see View common area phone information in Lync Server 2013.

You use the EnableHotdesking parameter of the New-CSClientPolicy cmdlet or the Set-CSClientPolicy cmdlet to enable or disable hot desking on a phone, as follows. Run these cmdlets from either the Lync Server 2013 Management Shell or from a remote session of Windows PowerShell. For details about using remote Windows PowerShell to connect to Lync Server, see the Lync Server Windows PowerShell blog article "Quick Start: Managing Microsoft Lync Server 2010 Using Remote PowerShell" at https://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/p/?linkId=255876.

Enabling hot desking

  • To enable hot desking for a common area phone, you must modify the client policy that has been assigned to that phone (or collection of phones).

    After you have identified the policy that needs to be modified, the next step is to use the Set-CsClientPolicy cmdlet to set the EnableHotdesking parameter to True. For example:

    Set-CsClientPolicy -Identity "CommonAreaPhonePolicy" - EnableHotdesking $True
  • Alternatively, you can use the New-CsClientPolicy cmdlet to create a new client policy that enables hot desking. For example:

    New-CsClientPolicy -Identity "NewCommonAreaPhonePolicy" - EnableHotdesking $True


After this policy has been created, you must assign it to the appropriate common area phones. For details, see Assign policies in Lync Server 2013 to a common area phone.

Disabling hot desking

  • To disable hot desking for a common area phone, reset the EnableHotdesking parameter of the Set-CsClientPolicy cmdlet to the default value of False. For example:

    Set-CsClientPolicy -Identity "CommonAreaPhonePolicy" - EnableHotdesking $False

For details, see the Help topics for the New-CsClientPolicy cmdlet and the Set-CsClientPolicy cmdlet.