PSDataType Enumeration

Specifies the type of Project Server data.

Namespace:  Microsoft.Office.Project.Server.Library
Assembly:  Microsoft.Office.Project.Server.Library (in Microsoft.Office.Project.Server.Library.dll)


Public Enumeration PSDataType
Dim instance As PSDataType
public enum PSDataType


Member name Description
INVALID Value=0. Invalid data. Forces an error return.
UID Value=1. Project unique identification number (ID).
PRIORITY Value=2. Index into priority table.
CONSTYPE Value=3. Index into constraint table.
DATE Value=4. Date, where HIWORD contains the day offset from 1/1/1984. LOWORD (0 – 1440) contains the minute offset from 12:00 am.
PERCENT Value=5. Percent.
DURATION Value=6. Value in 1/DUR_MULTIPLIER minutes.
DUROFFSET Value=7. Value in 1/DUR_MULTIPLIER minutes since 1/1/1984.
WORK Value=8. Work value in 1/WORK_MULTIPLIER minutes.
COST Value=9. Value in 1/COST_MULTIPLIER dollars.
WORKRATE Value=10. Work rate value in (1/DUR_MULTIPLIER minutes per 1/DUR_MULTIPLIER minutes.
COSTRATE Value=11. Value in 1/COST_MULTIPLIER dollars per 1/DUR_MULTIPLIER minutes.
UNITS Value=12. Value in 1/UNITS_MULTIPLIER units.
ACCRUAL Value=13. Index into accrual table.
CONTOURTYPE Value=14. Index into contour table.
NUMBER Value=15. A plain number.
BOOL Value=16. Index into boolean string table.
YESNO Value=17. Index into a yes/no string table.
DOUBLE Value=18. A Double value.
WORD Value=20. A Word value (two bytes).
STRING Value=21. A String value.
TIMELABEL Value=22. Time label.
TIME Value=23. Minutes since 12:00 am (midnight).
LONG Value=24. A Long value.
LINK Value=25. Index to type of task link (SS, FF, FS, SF).
RTF Value=26. Rich text format (RTF) data. Not supported.
FINISHDATE Value=27. Finish date, where the value is the same as DATE, except the default finish time is used when a date string does not include the time.
ELAPSEDDUR Value=28. Elapsed duration values.
TASKTYPE Value=29. Task type (fixed units, fixed work, or fixed duration).
STARTDATE Value=4. Start date.
HLFRIENDLYNAME Value=30. Not supported.
HLTARGET Value=31. Not supported.
HLLOCATION Value=32. Not supported.
HLHREF Value=33. Not supported.
GPI Value=34. Not supported.
MONIKER Value=35. Not supported.
INDICATOR Value=36. Indicator.
EXID Value=37. External identification number.
BLANKEXID Value=38. External ID shown as blank string.
WGUSER Value=39. Workgroup user type.
RATETABLE Value=40. Assignment rate table (used by VBA in Project Professional). Not supported.
R8PCT Value=41. Used for percent allocation, where the data may overflow a word. Not supported.
GUID Value=42. A GUID value.
RSCTYPE Value=43. Resource type.
SIMPLERATE Value=44. Simple rate.
TSMATERIALWORK Value=45. Timesheet material work.
MATERIALWORK Value=45. Same as TSMATERIALWORK (timesheet material work).
HLSCREENTIP Value=46. Not supported.
ENUM1 Value=47. Enumerated type used by Web client.
ENUM2 Value=48. Enumerated type used by Web client.
ENUM3 Value=49. Enumerated type used by Web client.
PSSTRINGS Value=50. Project Server string data.
TASKSTATUS Value=51. Task status (complete, on schedule, late, future task, or none).
DEMREQ Value=52. Resource request type.
EVMETH Value=53. Earned value method.
BOOKING Value=54. Resource booking.
MULTICURRENCY Value=55. Multicurrency.
NUMTYPES Value=56. Numerical types.
BEGINDATE Value=57. Start date.
TASKMODE Value=58. Task mode (automatically or manually scheduled).
BAD_FORMATTYPE Value=-1. Bad format type.


Project, resource, task, and assignment enterprise custom field definitions use PSDataType to specify the type of data. For example, see FIELD_TYPE_ENUM for the task custom field. Enterprise custom fields can be one of the following types:

  • Cost: COST

  • Date: DATE

  • Duration: DURATION

  • Flag: YESNO

  • Number: NUMBER

  • Text: STRING

The following constants are defined in a private assembly:





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