Plan desktop configurations for Office 2010


Applies to: Office 2010

Topic Last Modified: 2011-06-20

To plan desktop configurations before you deploy Microsoft Office 2010, consider the topics that are discussed in the following articles.

Article Description

Plan for OneNote 2010

Describes how to plan a deployment of Microsoft OneNote 2010.

Plan for Outlook 2010

Guides you through the things to consider when you deploy Microsoft Outlook 2010.

Plan for spelling checker settings in Office 2010

Describes how to use either Group Policy or the Office Customization Tool (OCT) to manage the behavior of spelling checker in Office 2010.

Plan for SharePoint Workspace 2010

Describes how to plan a deployment of Microsoft SharePoint Workspace 2010.

Plan customizations and options for Visio 2010

Describes some of the customizations and options that are available in Microsoft Visio 2010.

Plan security for Office 2010

Describes several new security controls in Office 2010 that help you plan a robust defense against threats while maintaining information worker productivity.

Plan Group Policy for Office 2010

Provides information about how to use Group Policy to configure and enforce settings for Office 2010 applications.

Plan for multilanguage and Proofing Tools deployment for Office 2010

Discusses planning considerations for deploying Office 2010 with multiple languages.

Plan for virtualization for Office 2010

Describes what virtualization is, how you can use virtualization in your organization, and which method and type is best for your environment.

Plan for Remote Desktop Services (Terminal Services)

Provides information about how to plan the deployment of Office 2010 by using Remote Desktop Services (Terminal Services).

Plan for accessibility in Office 2010

Provides an overview of the Microsoft Office Accessibility Checker, which can make Office 2010 products more accessible to users who have disabilities.