PowerPoint high rate of cache write operations (Microsoft PowerPoint Web App)


Applies to: PowerPoint Web App Preview

Topic Last Modified: 2010-02-26

Alert Name:   PowerPoint high rate of cache write operations

Event ID:   No event ID

Summary:   With Microsoft PowerPoint Web App, Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010 users can view and modify their presentations by using a Web browser. A high number of writes to the cache on the front-end Web server may mean that something is wrong with the front-end Web server, or that PowerPoint Web App is unable to serve all requests from users.

Symptoms:   One or more of the following symptoms might appear:

  • Users who use PowerPoint Web App to view documents experience very poor performance.

  • In some cases, users cannot view documents by using PowerPoint Web App because they do not receive responses from the application server.

Cause:   One or more of the following might be the cause:

  • The servers do have affinity set to the front-end Web servers.

  • The front-end Web server cache is too small.

Resolution:   Increase the size of the front-end Web server cache

  1. Verify that you meet the following minimum requirements: See Add-SPShellAdmin.

  2. One any farm server, on the Start menu, click All Programs.

  3. Click Microsoft SharePoint 2010 Products.

  4. Click SharePoint 2010 Management Shell.

  5. At the Windows PowerShell command prompt, type the following command:

    Set-SPOfficeWebAppsCache -WebApplication <ID> -MaxFrontEndCacheSizeInMB <S> -MaxFrontEndDocumentInfoCacheItems <N>


    • <ID> is name or ID of PowerPoint service application.

    • <S> is the size, in megabytes (MB), that you want to set the cache to.

    • <N> is the maximum number of items that you want to store in the front-end Web server cache. Each item will take up 1 MB (or less) of data. MaxFrontEndDocumentInfoCacheItems should always be equal to, or greater than, MaxFrontEndCacheSizeInMB.

  6. At a command prompt on each front-end Web server, type the following command, and then press ENTER:iisreset

Resolution:   Set affinity in the load balancer for the Web servers

  1. For the steps to set affinity, see the load balancer software or hardware documentation.