Backing up and restoring Planning Server databases

The Planning Server resources can include:

  • All Planning Server relational and OLAP databases

  • Planning Server configuration files

  • Microsoft Office SharePoint Server databases (if Office SharePoint Server is used)

This section focuses on relational databases and OLAP databases.

PerformancePoint Planning users have the freedom to use any third-party backup and restore tools to perform the backup and restore jobs on Planning Server databases.

After the Planning Server system is set up and customized and data is loaded into the application databases, make a complete backup of all the databases in Planning Server.

Specifically, these databases include:

  • Planning System Database

  • Planning Service Database

  • All application databases (one per Planning application; they might be located on a different database server than other databases).

  • All staging databases (one per Planning application; they must be located on the same database servers as the application databases).

  • All OLAP databases (it can be one per Planning application or one per model site inside each application, and they can also be located on different database servers from other databases). You can choose not to perform an OLAP database backup for the reason described in Corruption of a SQL Server Analysis Services database.


The terms Windows SharePoint Services and SharePoint Services are used collectively in PerformancePoint Server documentation to refer to Office SharePoint Server 2007 and Windows SharePoint Services 3.0.


To find all application database and staging database information and the SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) package locations, query the BizSystem table in the Planning System Database.

Run the following query against the Planning System Database:

Select * from BizSystem

The following table describes column names in the BizSystem table.

Database column in BizSystem Description


Application database server name


Application database name


Staging database server name (for application)


Staging database name

To find out all OLAP database information for all model sites in one application, query the DeployInfo table in the Planning application database. The DeployInfo table is updated after the model site is deployed.

SELECT DISTINCT b.BizAppNodeLabel, d.AppNodeOLAPStoreDBServer, d.AppNodeOLAPStoreDBName from DeployInfo d
INNER JOIN BizAppNodes b
ON d.BizAppNodeID = b.BizAppNodeID

The following table describes column names in the DeployInfo table.

Database column in DeployInfo Description


Model site OLAP database server name


Model site OLAP database name

You can also query BizAppNodes to see OLAP server information for each model site. This information is available immediately after the model site is created and even before the model site is deployed.

For more information on BACKUP DATABASE and RESTORE statements, see SQL Server Books Online. Customers can also use third-party backup and restore tools.

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