Upgrading from a prerelease version of Monitoring Server

The process for updating Monitoring Server from CTP4 is provided in the following procedure.


Either Office SharePoint Server 2007 or Windows SharePoint Services must be installed in order to successfully install and use Monitoring Server. The terms Windows SharePoint Services and SharePoint Services are used collectively in PerformancePoint Server documentation to refer to Office SharePoint Server 2007 and Windows SharePoint Services 3.0.


Upgrade Monitoring Server from CTP4

  1. Back up the computer where Monitoring Server is installed.

  2. Back up all reports, scorecards, dashboards, key performance indicators (KPIs), and data sources to a local workspace from Dashboard Designer.

  3. Items existing on the server are shown at the top level of the tree view. Any items in the workspace are shown below that level, either just below the root level or inside of a folder. Make sure that any items you want to keep are stored in the workspace, not just on the server.

  4. Uninstall Monitoring Server.

  5. Remove Dashboard Designer by removing the subfolders under Apps/2.0.

  6. Delete all Windows SharePoint Services folders that contain exported dashboards.

  7. Reinstall Monitoring Server.

  8. Run Monitoring Server Configuration Manager.

  9. When prompted for the selected application database, either create a new database or provision an existing empty database. The database created from the previous installation cannot be used.

  10. Update the Web.config file to match the previous ConnectPerUser and CustomData settings.

  11. From Monitoring Central, click Run to download Dashboard Designer from the server.

  12. Launch Dashboard Designer.

  13. Load the saved local workspace from the previous version.

  14. On the ribbon, click Mark Differences.

  15. Click Publish All to publish the application data stored in the workspace to the new server. Any changes to the data that are required for the release version will be made on Monitoring Server.

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