Step 6: Verify the update of PerformancePoint Server 2007 SP3

Updated: 2009-10-22

It is important to verify the success of the update on both the server and client sides. To ensure that the update process has completed successfully, perform the following verification actions.

Verify whether the update was successful

  1. View the PerformancePoint Application Database Log (PPSUpgrade.log) and confirm that no application update failures have occurred. This log is located in the path specified during the update process performed using the PerformancePoint Planning Server Configuration Manager.

  2. Verify that the About dialog box in Planning Business Modeler and PerformancePoint Add-in for Excel reflects the updated version number.

  3. Verify that Planning Administration Console can connect to the updated Planning Server.

  4. Verify that the version for PerformancePoint Server has been updated to SP3.


The version number of PerformancePoint Planning Server SP3 for both clients and servers is 3.0.4417.0. For more PerformancePoint version information see Monitoring Server and component versions in the PerformancePoint Server Deployment Guide.

Determine the Service Pack 3 version numbers for PerformancePoint servers and clients

  • Open Planning Business Modeler and view the version number shown in the About selection in the Help menu.

  • Open the PerformancePoint Add-in for Excel and view the version number shown in the About selection of the PerformancePoint menu.

  • For Planning Server, view the dbschemaVersion table in both the PPSPlanningService and PPSPlanningSystem databases.

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