Step 2: Prepare for the SP3 update of PerformancePoint Server 2007

Updated: 2009-10-15

This article covers the steps to be performed before Microsoft Office PerformancePoint ServerĀ 2007 with Service Pack 3 (SP3) can be installed.

  1. Verify that you have documentation of your deployment topology to ensure that all servers and client computers are updated as part of this process.

  2. Verify that all client computers have submitted any pending assignments through the PerformancePoint Add-in for Excel.

  3. Start the PerformancePoint Planning Administration Console and then click Applications. Select all applications, and then click Take Async Offline. Select all applications, and then click Take Offline.

  4. Back up all Planning system and application databases, including related SQL Server Analysis Services cubes:

    • PPSPlanningSystem

    • PPSPlanningService

    • Planning application database (by default <ApplicationLabel>_AppDB in SQL Server)

    • Planning staging area database per application (by default <ApplicationLabel>_StagingDB in SQL Server)

    • Registered data destinations (by default <ApplicationLabel/ModelSiteLabel>_OutboundDB in SQL Server)

    • Planning Analysis Services database (by default <ApplicationLabel_ModelSiteLabel> in Analysis Services)

  5. Stop all PerformancePoint Planning services and take all applications offline.


    Do not drop any Analysis Services or SQL Server databases. Do not delete Analysis Services cubes generated by Planning. Do not run PerformancePoint Planning Server Configuration Manager in this step. It will be run in a subsequent step.

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