Manage Project Web Access organizational permissions in Project Server 2007

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Topic Last Modified: 2007-12-18

You can use the Manage Project Web Access Permissions page to control which global and category permissions are enabled on the Project Server instance throughout the organization. An administrator can use the Project Web Access permissions page to deny access to all Project Server users for a particular feature in Project Professional or Project Web Access. If a Project Web Access permission is disabled on this page, the equivalent global or category permission is disabled for users throughout with those permissions. All permissions on this page are enabled by default.

For example, if you deny the Delete project permission, users throughout the organization cannot delete projects, regardless of whether they have the Delete project category permission.


After making a change to an organizational permission, you may see an "Error: Access Denied" message. This occurs because when you make an organizational permission change, all users are re-added to Windows SharePoint Services in order for the permissions change to take effect. If you encounter this problem, you can close and then reopen Project Web Access in order to access your Server Settings page. The change to your organizational permission will then be in effect.


Before disabling a Project Web Access permission, thoroughly consider the effects on your organization of doing so. If you want to turn off a permission for only some Project Web Access users, verify whether you can do it by creating a custom group and denying the permissions you want to restrict.

Task requirements

The following are required to perform the procedures for this task:

  • Access to Office Project Server 2007 through Project Web Access.

  • The Manage users and groups global permission in Microsoft Office Project Server 2007 in order to manage Project Web Access organizational permissions.

To manage Project Web Access organizational permissions in Office Project Server 2007, you can perform the following procedure:

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