Delete a category in Project Server 2010


Applies to: Project Server 2010

Topic Last Modified: 2012-01-19

Summary: Delete custom security categories by using the Manage Categories page in PWA Server Settings.

In Microsoft Project Server 2010, you can delete any existing custom category from the Manage Categories page in Microsoft Project Web App.


Default Project Server categories cannot be deleted.

Before you perform this procedure, confirm that:

  • You have read Manage categories in Project Server 2010.

  • You have access to Project Server 2010 through the Microsoft Project Web App site.


    The Manage users and groups global permission in Project Server 2010 is required to complete this procedure.

To delete a category

Perform the following procedure to delete an existing category in Project Server 2010.

Delete a category

  1. On the Project Web App home page, in the Quick Launch, click Server Settings.

  2. On the Server Settings page, in the Security section, click Manage Categories.

  3. On the Manage Categories page, in the Category Name list, find the category that you want to delete. Select the check box next to the category that you want to delete. Note that you can select multiple categories.

  4. Click Delete Categories.

    A warning message appears, noting that the category will be permanently removed.


    Verify that the category you are deleting is the one you intend to delete. If you accidentally delete the wrong category, it is permanently deleted and will need to be recreated.

  5. Click OK.