Prepare for deployment (Project Server 2010)


Applies to: Project Server 2010

Topic Last Modified: 2010-03-30

To successfully complete a deployment of Microsoft Project Server 2010, the following permissions are required:

  • Domain Administrator — Required to set up two domain groups for report authors and report viewers.

  • SQL Server Administrator — Required for various Microsoft SQL Server and Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS) configuration tasks as denoted in Configure SQL Server and Analysis Services (Project Server 2010).

  • Exchange Administrator — Required to configure Microsoft Exchange Server for Exchange integration.

  • Farm Administrator — Required to install Microsoft Project Server 2010 and configure a Microsoft Project Web App site.


    The Farm Administrator account is created when you install Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010.

Creating users and groups in the Active Directory directory service

Deploying Microsoft Project Server 2010 requires that you have certain Active Directory users and groups available. The deployment instructions assume that the necessary groups already exist. If you have not yet created the necessary users and groups, do so now before deploying Project Server. For detailed information about the users and groups required for Project Server deployment, see Plan for administrative and service accounts (Project Server 2010).

Configuring SQL Server and Analysis Services

Before deploying your farm, you must configure SQL Server and SQL Server Analysis Services.

If you are deploying Project Server to an existing SharePoint Server 2010 farm, some of these steps may already have been done when the server farm was deployed. We recommend that you confirm these settings before installing Project Server.

To configure SQL Server and Analysis Services, follow the procedures in Configure SQL Server and Analysis Services (Project Server 2010).