Project SQL user view refresh message was not queued


Applies to: Project Server 2013, Project Server 2010

Topic Last Modified: 2013-12-18

Element ID / Rule Name:   Project_SQL_User_View_Refresh_Message_Was_Not_Queued

Summary:   The Reporting Data Service maintains a series of Microsoft SQL Server views that shield the reporting user or application and the Cube Building Service from the complexities of custom field and time-phased data storage. These views are updated when custom fields are added, changed, or deleted.

This event indicates that a queue service or application logic problem has stopped a request to regenerate a SQL view and, therefore, the view may now be out of date. For example, the view may contain a field that has been deleted or the view may be missing a new field that was created after the view was last created. SQL queries that are made against the Reporting database using this view may return stale or incorrect data.

Cause:   The request to regenerate a SQL view, also referred to as a user view refresh message, could not be added to the Microsoft Project Server queue due to queue service availability issues, database issues with the Draft database, or an application logic problem with the Reporting Data Service.

Possible resolutions include the following:

  • Force the Project Server application server to attempt to queue the user view refresh message, change the property of an enterprise custom field definition, and then change it back. For example, change the name of an enterprise custom field from "My Enterprise Custom Field" to "My Enterprise Custom Fields," save the changes, and then change the field name back to "My Enterprise Custom Field." This forces the Project Server application server to attempt to queue the user view refresh message again.


    The custom field definition must be of the same entity type as the custom field that is causing the issue. For example, if a Task custom field has prevented the User View Refresh message from being queued, you must modify a property of a Task custom field.