Upgrade from a trial version of Project Server 2010


Applies to: Project Server 2010

Topic Last Modified: 2011-09-23

This article contains information and a procedure on how to upgrade from a trial version of Microsoft Project Server 2010 to a full product edition.

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  • Process overview

  • Upgrade from a trial version of SharePoint Server 2010

Process overview

If you are using a trial version of Microsoft Project Server 2010 and want to upgrade to a licensed product edition, you must purchase valid licenses for your farm and perform the upgrade on the SharePoint Central Administration Web site. For more information about licensing Project Server 2010, see the "Buy Project Server 2010 Today" section of the Microsoft Project site.


Your installation of Project Server 2010 Trial requires the installation of Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010 (Enterprise with Client Access Licenses) as a prerequisite. Be aware that when you purchase your Project Server 2010 license, you must also make sure that all components of your farm are licensed correctly.

Before you upgrade your Project Server 2010 Trial to the fully licensed version, make sure that you plan carefully when incorporating it into your environment. If your trial was a minimal installation and pilot, you should review your infrastructure and plan how your production system should be configured, instead of merely moving your trial system into production. You should plan for performance and capacity if you intend to make the system available to more users or more use scenarios after you upgrade. For information about performance and capacity considerations, see Capacity planning in Project Server 2010 (white paper) and view the “Estimate Performance and Capacity Requirements for Microsoft Project Server 2010” white paper.

Upgrade from a trial version of Project Server 2010

After you have purchased a license to upgrade to the licensed edition of Project Server 2010, you can use the Convert License Type page on the Central Administration Web site to enter the new product key. Make sure all components of your farm, including SharePoint Server 2010, are licensed correctly.

To convert a license type and enter the product key

  1. Verify that you have the following administrative credentials:

    • To convert a license type, you must be a member of the Farm Administrators SharePoint group on the computer that is running Central Administration.
  2. On the Central Administration Web site, in the Upgrade and Migration section, click Convert farm license type.

  3. On the Convert License Type page, verify that Project Server 2010 Trial is the product listed for Current License. In the Enter the Product Key box, type the new product key and then click OK.

  4. When the upgrade is complete, a dialog box displays “Your License Conversion operation was successfully completed”.

You can verify that you have the licensed product edition of Project Server 2010 by going back to the Convert License Type page and making sure that the Current License has changed.


In the previous procedure, the Project Server 2010 key upgrades both the SharePoint Server 2010 Trial and Project Server 2010 Trial to the licensed editions. You will not be required to use the same procedure to convert the SharePoint Server 2010 Trial version to the license, because this has already occurred through your Project Server 2010 key. It is important to realize that you are still required to own a SharePoint Server 2010 (Enterprise with CAL) license for this installation.