Install protocol handlers (Search Server 2008)

Applies To: Microsoft Search Server 2008


Topic Last Modified: 2009-12-02


Unless otherwise noted, the information in this article applies to both Microsoft Search Server 2008 and Microsoft Search Server 2008 Express.

All crawled content requires the use of a protocol handler to gain access to that content. Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 for Search provides protocol handlers for all common Internet protocols, such as HTTP, and HTTPS. However, if you want to crawl content that requires a protocol handler that is not installed with Search Server 2008, you must install the third-party or custom protocol handler before you can crawl that content. Check with the third-party manufacturer for instructions when installing third-party protocol handlers.

The following protocols are supported by the default protocol handlers: file, http, https, rb, rbs, sps, sps3, sps3s, spsimport, spss, sts, sts2, sts2s, sts3, sts3s, and notes.


The notes:// protocol handler is installed, but not enabled, by default. For information about enabling this protocol handler, see Configure Search Server to crawl Lotus Notes (Search Server 2008).

To install a protocol handler, refer to the procedure in the following topic:

Configure Search Server to crawl Lotus Notes (Search Server 2008)