Getting your content crawled (Office SharePoint Server 2007)

Applies To: Office SharePoint Server 2007

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Topic Last Modified: 2009-04-13

By the time your server farm is deployed, the content that your organization had planned to crawl so that it is available to search queries has been crawled and indexed. For the purpose of this article, content is an item that can be crawled, such as a Web page, a Microsoft Office Word document, or a SharePoint site. However, crawling content is not only performed for the initial deployment, rather you must perform crawls on an ongoing basis for the following reasons:

  • You must continue to crawl the content sources that were created during the deployment phase to discover and index new content, to remove entries in the index for content that has been deleted on the source servers, and so on.

  • You periodically need to evaluate the need to crawl new sources of content. For example, someone in your organization might want to enable end-users of your server farm to search for content in a file share, a Web site on the Internet or intranet, or another SharePoint Products and Technologies server farm in your organization.

This objective consists of the following sub-objective and tasks:

  • Preparing to crawl content (Office SharePoint Server 2007). After you have identified content that you need to crawl, you must make the necessary preparations to crawl that content. This includes several tasks, such as creating one or more content sources that specify what content to crawl, ensuring the IFilters and protocol handlers required to access and parse that content are installed on the index server, and considering the impact that crawling has on the servers being crawled.

Typically, you perform the following tasks at least once, and some on a continual basis, for both new and existing content sources:

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