Enable and configure e-mail settings for a library

Applies To: Office SharePoint Server 2007

This Office product will reach end of support on October 10, 2017. To stay supported, you will need to upgrade. For more information, see , Resources to help you upgrade your Office 2007 servers and clients.


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You can perform this procedure to save e-mail attachments to a Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 document library. Each attachment is entered as an item in the document library.


Archiving e-mail messages from all senders lets everyone write to your library, including unauthenticated users. Because of the potential security risk, you should consider this option carefully before you configure it.

To enable or configure incoming e-mail support for a list or library, you must have the Manage Lists permission on the list or library. By default, the Manage Lists permission is granted to the <site name> Owners SharePoint group.

Your list or library might restrict who can send e-mail items to it, depending on how your administrator set it up. For example, the list or library might accept only items from people who are members of your site, or there might be additional restrictions. For more information, contact your site owner or administrator.

Before you perform this procedure, confirm that:

  • You have enabled incoming e-mail support in the SharePoint Central Administration Web site. The Incoming e-mail settings link is not available if incoming e-mail support is not enabled in Central Administration. You must be a member of the Administrators group of the Central Administration Web site to enable incoming e-mail support. To enable incoming e-mail support, see Configure incoming e-mail settings (Office SharePoint Server).


At a minimum, you must be a member of the <site name> Owners SharePoint group to complete the procedure.

Enable and configure e-mail settings for a library

Use this procedure to enable and configure e-mail settings for a library to receive e-mail messages in the SharePoint document library in a site.

Enable and configure e-mail settings for a library

  1. Open the site in which you want to receive e-mail messages by using either of the following methods:

    • In Internet Explorer, type the URL of the site.

    • On the View Site Collection page, click the site collection that you want to view.

  2. In the left navigation pane of the home page, click View All Site Content.

  3. In the Documents section, click a document library name to open the library for which you want to enable and configure e-mail settings.

  4. On the Settings menu, click Document Library Settings, Picture Library Settings, or Form Library Settings, depending on the kind of library that you are enabling and configuring.

  5. In the Communications section, click Incoming e-mail settings.

  6. In the E-Mail section, select Yes to enable this library to receive e-mail messages.

  7. In the E-mail address box, type a unique name to use as part of the e-mail address for this library.

  8. In the E-Mail Attachments section, decide where to save and how to group the e-mail attachments in this library, and then choose whether to overwrite files that have the same name.


    If you decide not to overwrite files that have the same name and then later try to save a file that has the same name as one that already exists in the library, four random digits are appended to the file name for the new attachment. If this action fails, a globally unique identifier (GUID) is appended to the file name. If neither of these actions can produce a unique file name, the attachment is discarded.

  9. In the E-Mail Message section, choose whether to save the original e-mail message in this library. If you select Yes, the original message is saved as a separate item in the library.

  10. In the E-Mail Meeting Invitations section, choose whether to save the attachments to your meeting invitations in this library.

  11. In the E-Mail Security section, choose whether to archive e-mail messages only from members of the site who can write to the library or to archive regardless of who sends the e-mail message.

  12. Click OK to save the changes that you have made in the settings.

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