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Applies To: Office SharePoint Server 2007

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In this article, we will be focusing on the source control facet of software configuration management. For more information about software configuration management in Visual Studio 2005, see A Brief Discussion of Software Configuration Management (SCM) ( For more information about software configuration management in Visual Studio 2008, see Working with Team Foundation Version Control (
For more information about the software configuration management environment, see Review of environments.

Effective source control is one of the most important elements of any development project. It can ensure successful collaboration on your software development projects in the following ways:

  • By protecting team resources from accidental deletion.

  • By protecting individual changes from being unknowingly overwritten.

  • By enabling multiple developers to work on the same project items or branches of a project concurrently.

  • By maintaining a version-by-version history of all project items.

You can use any source control system or application with Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007. The scenarios in this section use Microsoft Visual Studio Team Foundation for the development and source control environment. It includes an enterprise-class source control provider that is reliable, scalable, fast, easily securable, extensible, and includes the source control features with which you and your team are already familiar. The Visual Studio Team Foundation source control provider ships as a stand-alone software configuration management application or as an integrated change management component in Visual Studio 2005 Team System.

This topic does not cover the details of installing your source control system. For details about installing Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 Team Foundation, see the Visual Studio 2005 Team Foundation Installation Guide ( For details about installing Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 Team Foundation, see Installation and Setup Essentials (


For individual developers or small teams who need a lightweight solution for source code control of Office SharePoint Server 2007 solutions and other coded elements, Microsoft will continue to enhance and support Visual SourceSafe. Microsoft will ship Visual SourceSafe 2005, which will include enhancements such as remote Web access over HTTP, a LAN performance booster, Unicode and XML support, and regional time zones and language support. For more information, see Visual SourceSafe 2005 (

For more information about Visual Studio 2005 Team System and Visual Studio Team Foundation, see the following:

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