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Applies To: Office SharePoint Server 2007

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Topic Last Modified: 2007-07-06

Personalization sites are those created by using a template that includes Web Parts that identify readers by name or account name. That information is used to populate parameters that modify the content displayed on other Web Parts on the page.

Each personalization site is managed by a site owner who administers the site and configures other Web Parts on the page to take advantage of the Web Parts in the personalization site template. The result is a site that automatically personalizes content based upon the identity of each reader.

To integrate personalization sites with personal sites, administrators can add links to personalization sites to the My Site top link bar in each personal site. Personalization site links can be targeted, so that they only appear in personal sites when the owner of the site is a member of the targeted audience.

Personalization site links are stored in a SharePoint list that can be accessed from the Shared Services Administration site. Any user with access to the Shared Services Administration site can add links to this list and select one or more audiences to target with each link. If no audience is selected, a link to the site is added to the My Site top link bar for every personal site.

Linked sites do not have to use the personalization site template. It is possible to add a targeted link to any site. However, the intention is to provide integration between sites with personalized content managed by site owners, and the personal site content managed by each individual.

For more information about targeting content, see Targeting content.

The targeted personalization site links are distinct from the personalization links that individual users can add to the top link bar on their personal sites. The differences are that the personalization links added by individual users are only visible on each user's personal site, cannot be targeted, and are visible to users based on personalization policy. For more information on user-created personalization links, see Manage personalization policies.

Task Requirements

The following are required to perform the procedures for this task:

  • Read permission to the Shared Services Administration site.

  • Audiences that are used to target links must be created and compiled by an Audience Manager with the Manage Audiences permission enabled.


    An administrator does not require the Manage Audiences permission to select an existing audience.

To manage personalization site links, you can perform the following procedures:

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