Createweb: Stsadm operation (Windows SharePoint Services)

Applies To: Windows SharePoint Services 3.0


Topic Last Modified: 2008-07-29

Operation name: Createweb


Creates a subsite at the specified Uniform Resource Locator (URL).


stsadm -o createweb

**   -url <URL name>**

**\[-lcid \<language\>\]**

**\[-sitetemplate \<site template\>\]**

**\[-title \<site title\>\]**

**\[-description \<site description\>\]**




Parameter name and (short form)





A valid URL name, such as http://server_name/sites/site_name/subsite_name


The URL where the subsite should be created. This should be a path below an existing site collection or subsite.


A valid locale ID, such as "1033" for English


The language that should be used when creating the site.


You must specify this parameter when using a language other than the install language of the SharePoint template.


Confirm the appropriate language template pack is installed before attempting to create a site in a language other than that specified at installation.
For additional information about language packs, see Install available language template packs (Windows SharePoint Services).

sitetemplate (st)

Valid values available in a default installation include:

  • STS#0: Team Site

  • STS#1: Blank Site

  • STS#2: Document Workspace

  • MPS#0: Basic Meeting Workspace

  • MPS#1: Blank Meeting Workspace

  • MPS#2: Decision Meeting Workspace

  • MPS#3: Social Meeting Workspace

  • MPS#4: Multipage Meeting Workspace

  • BLOG#0: Blog

  • WIKI#0: Wiki Site


    If you added a template to the central template gallery, you must specify the template name as GLOBAL#number, where number refers to the template ID.


Specifies the type of template to be used by the newly created site.

If you do not specify a template to use, the owner can choose a template when he or she first browses to the site.

The value must be in the form name#configuration. If you do not specify the configuration, (for example, STS) configuration 0 is the default (for example, STS#0).

The list of available templates can be customized to include templates you create. To display a list of custom templates, use the Enumtemplates operation.

title (t)

A valid title


The title can contains a space provided it is enclosed within quotation marks, for example, "New Site".


The title of the new subsite.

The maximum length is 255 characters.

description (desc)

A valid text string, such as "This is a description"


Description of the new subsite.

convert (cvt)



If you include the convert parameter and there is an existing folder at the URL for the new subsite, then Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 will convert that folder to become a subsite.

If you do not include the convert parameter and there is an existing folder at the URL for the new subsite, then the following error message is displayed: "The URL path with the specified site name already exists."




Specifies whether the site has unique permissions instead of inheriting them from the parent.