Job-config-refresh: Stsadm property (Windows SharePoint Services)

Applies To: Windows SharePoint Services 3.0



Specifies the schedule for the configuration refresh job. This job executes regularly to refresh a local cache of configuration objects with new, modified, and deleted objects.

This property is equivalent to the Config Refresh entry that is located on the Edit Timer Job page of the SharePoint Central Administration Web site.


stsadm -o setproperty

-propertyname job-config-refresh

-propertyvalue <valid date and time interval>

**\[-url** \<http://server\_name\>**\]**

The syntax for the getproperty operation is:

stsadm -o getproperty

propertyname job-config-refresh

**\[-url** \<http://server\_name\>**\]**


You can substitute -pn for -propertyname and -pv for -propertyvalue.

Property values

The following table shows possible values.

Value Description


Gets or sets the name of the property.


A valid Windows SharePoint Services Timer service (SPTimer) schedule in the form of any one of the following schedules:

  • "Every 5 minutes between 0 and 59"

  • "Hourly between 0 and 59"

  • "Daily at 15:00:00"

  • "Weekly between Fri 22:00:00 and Sun 06:00:00"

  • "Monthly at 15 15:00:00"

  • "Yearly at Jan 1 15:00:00"

The default value is "every 15 seconds"


Typically, a path to the URL of the Web application, in the form http://server_name.


To set the schedule of a configuration refresh job for the Web application http://test, use the following syntax:

stsadm -o setproperty -pn job-config-refresh -pv "daily at 15:00:00" -url http://test

To view the current setting of the job-config-refresh property, use the following syntax:

stsadm -o getproperty -pn job-config-refresh