Manage people links in people search results (Office SharePoint Server 2007)

Applies To: Office SharePoint Server 2007

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Topic Last Modified: 2016-11-14

When you have configured the My Site feature to use My Site profiles, you can use a feature in Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 to redirect users to a person’s My Site profile when that person’s name is clicked in the results of a people search.

When shared services are enabled in the corporate site collection, the site collection hosts personal sites by default and all personal site links in the other site collections redirect users to; for example,, or to the site collection that is selected to host My Sites in the shared services deployment.

In this article:

  • Manage My Site host locations for the site collection

  • Redirection to My Site profiles

  • Task Requirements

Manage My Site host locations for the site collection

A My Site host location is created automatically when a Shared Services Provider (SSP) is created. The host location is created in its own site collection on the default Web application, and all personal sites are stored in that location. In most scenarios, this automatically created location is the only My Site host location for the entire deployment of Office SharePoint Server 2007. Users can view My Sites if the SSP for the My Site host location imports their user profile information from directory services, and only if they have Create Personal Site permission enabled. Individual personal sites are created when individual users click the My Site link on the top link bar of the site.

You can change the My Site host location for an SSP for performance, storage capacity, or security reasons. Previously created personal sites remain in the original host location until they are migrated to the new location. However, after the migration, new personal sites are created in the new host location. The previous host location becomes inaccessible unless an administrator adds the host location to the list of trusted My Site host locations and targets the host-location link to specific users or groups.

In scenarios with multiple SSPs, each SSP has a different My Site host location. Most users have access to only one SSP. In this case, they only see My Site if their user profiles have been imported to that SSP and if they have Create Personal Site permission enabled. However, some users might have access to My Site in host locations on two or more SSPs. Those users see a different My Site for each SSP unless an administrator configures trusted My Site host locations to use the same host location across all SSPs.

In some cases, users can be members of two or more sites that use different SSPs and different My Site host locations. In that case, by default, the user can see the My Sites in the host location used for the SSP of the site to which they are currently logged on. My Sites in other host locations cannot be seen, and the personalization features of those sites cannot be used. This configuration results in an unpredictable My Site experience. Each user's My Site changes depending on the site, and the My Sites of other users are not reliably available on each site.

For additional discussion and recommended practices, see Manage My Site host locations for detailed information.

Redirection to My Site profiles

If shared services are enabled in the corporate site collection and you have My Site set up to use My Site profiles, when you click a user name anywhere in the Office SharePoint Server 2007 infrastructure you should be directed to that user’s My Site Profile page. However, under certain circumstances, instead of being taken to the My Site Profile page, you are taken to the text-fields-only User Information page.

This can occur with Web applications that have alternate access mappings configured and when the My Site Host URL in the SSP settings is not listed in the alternate access mappings. This might occur if, for example, the URL used to host My Sites was on another farm.

For the steps resolve this issue, see Getting Redirection to My Site Profiles to Work (

Task Requirements

The following are required to perform the procedures for this task:

  • Membership in the Viewers SharePoint group on the Shared Services Administration site is the minimum required to complete this procedure. Membership in the Farm Administrators SharePoint group is insufficient to perform this procedure.

  • Administrators must know the locations of other trusted My Site host locations.

To manage people links in search results, you perform one or more of the following procedures as needed:

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