Manage shared scopes (Office SharePoint Server 2007)

Applies To: Office SharePoint Server 2007

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Topic Last Modified: 2009-06-02

Search scopes define the subset of items from the search index against which a search query is run. To focus a search on particular locations or content, users select the scope they want to use from the scope drop-down list next to the Search box or from the scopes picker in the Advanced Search page. Additionally, a site owner for the Search Center can specify a scope in the Search Core Results Web Part toolbar property.

For example, the default All Sites shared scope includes all of the content defined in the search index, and the default People shared scope includes only user profiles. New shared scopes can be added and refined as necessary.

In addition to using shared scopes, a site collection administrator can define site collection-specific scopes. A site collection administrator can define local scopes directly or copy shared scopes locally and then customize them as necessary.


Shared scopes are available across all site collections—any new shared scopes, or changes to existing shared scopes, affect all site collections. In contrast, scopes created by a site collection administrator are only available within that site collection.


To complete the following procedures, you must be a Search service administrator for the relevant Shared Services Provider (SSP) (for example, for SharedServices1). For more information, see Plan for security roles (Office SharePoint Server).

Use the following procedures to manage shared scopes:


To be available for use in a site collection, a scope must be added to the required scope display groups—for example, the Search Dropdown group (which maps to the scope drop-down list next to the Search box)—by a member of the site collection administrator group
A scope is only displayed to the user—for example, in the Search box scope drop-down list or the scopes picker on the Advanced Search page—if the scope includes at least one rule.
In the Search Center, the Search box scope drop-down list and the scopes picker on the Advanced Search page are hidden by default. A site administrator can configure the Search Box and Advanced Search Box Web Parts to make them visible to all users.
To enable the Search box that appears in the header section on site collection pages to include the scope drop-down list and an associated Advanced Search link, a site collection administrator must configure the site collection Search Settings (under Site Actions, Site Settings, Site Collection Administration) to enable custom scopes to be included

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