Microsoft.SharePoint.Client.EventReceivers namespace

Provides a set of classes for accessing information about web, security, list, item, and remote events.


  Class Description
Public class SPRemoteAppEventProperties Provides information for app events, such as installed, upgraded, and uninstalling.
Public class SPRemoteEntityInstanceEventProperties
Public class SPRemoteEventProperties Holds the information of a remote event.
Public class SPRemoteEventResult Holds the information returned from an event receiver.
Public class SPRemoteItemEventProperties Holds the information about an item event.
Public class SPRemoteListEventProperties Holds the information about a list event.
Public class SPRemoteSecurityEventProperties Holds the information about a security event.
Public class SPRemoteWebEventProperties Holds the information about a web event.


  Interface Description
Public interface IRemoteEventService Defines the methods for processing events.


  Enumeration Description
Public enumeration SPRemoteEventServiceStatus Provides the status returned from executing an event receiver.
Public enumeration SPRemoteEventType