Microsoft.SharePoint.Client.Search.Query namespace


  Class Description
Public class KeywordQuery Contains information about a keyword based search query. Represents a search query that uses the SharePoint Server 2013 keyword syntax. This syntax may contain either the Keyword Query Language (KQL) or FAST Query Language (FQL). For information about constructing keyword queries, see the Building search queries in SharePoint 2013.
Public class KeywordQueryObjectPropertyNames
Public class KeywordQueryProperties Represents the properties for a search query using the Keyword syntax.
Public class KeywordQueryPropertyNames
Public class KnownTableTypes Represents known values for the TableType property.
Public class PersonalResultSuggestion
Public class PopularQuery
Public class Query Contains information common to all types of search queries.
Public class QueryObjectPropertyNames
Public class QueryPersonalizationData Initializes a new instance of a QueryPersonalizationData object.
Public class QueryPropertyNames
Public class QueryPropertyValue
Public class QuerySuggestionQuery
Public class QuerySuggestionResults
Public class QueryUtility
Public class RankingLabeling Provides methods for getting and adding relevance judgments.
Public class ReorderingRule
Public class ReorderingRuleCollection Represents a collection of reordering rules.
Public class ResultTable Contains a list of query results, all of which are of the type specified by the TableType property.
Public class ResultTableCollection Represents a collection of ResultTable objects.
Public class ScriptTypeFactory
Public class SearchExecutor Executes queries against a search server.
Public class Sort Defines how search results are sorted.
Public class SortCollection Represents a collection of Sort structures.
Public class StringCollection Represents a collection of strings.


  Enumeration Description
Public enumeration QueryPropertyValueType
Public enumeration ReorderingRuleMatchType
Public enumeration SortDirection