View workflow reports (SharePoint Foundation 2010)


Applies to: SharePoint Foundation 2010

Microsoft SharePoint Foundation 2010 provides individual and aggregate workflow reports to enable you to assess the efficiency of your workflows and related business processes. You can use these reports to locate problems with processes or to determine whether a group or individual is meeting performance targets for a particular business process.

This article contains:

  • View site collection workflow usage summary

  • View individual workflow reports

View site collection workflow usage summary

You can display a list of available workflows for the site collection, their usage summary (active or inactive), how many times these workflows have been associated, and how many instances of each active workflow are running.

To view the site collection workflow usage summary

  1. Verify that you have the following administrative credentials:

    • You must be a member of the site collection administrators group on the site collection that you are configuring.
  2. Browse to the top-level site of the site collection for which you want to view workflow reports.

  3. On the Site Actions menu, click Site Settings.

  4. On the Site Settings page, in the Site Administration section, click Workflows to display the Site Collection Workflows report.

View individual workflow reports

SharePoint Foundation 2010 provides two predefined Microsoft Excel reports that provide aggregate analysis of workflow history for each workflow instance: the Activity Duration Report and the Cancellation and Error Report. The Activity Duration Report provides data about how long each activity within a workflow takes to complete as well as how long it takes for all tasks in the workflow to complete. The Cancellation and Error Report shows the workflows that have been cancelled or encountered errors before completion. Each of these reports is provided as an Microsoft Excel formatted file.


If you are using custom workflows, the appropriate parameters must be specified in the workflow template in order to generate the data for these reports. For more information, see Developing Workflow Solutions with SharePoint Server 2007 and Windows Workflow Foundation (

To view individual workflow reports

  1. Verify that you have the following credentials:

    • You must be a user with Edit Item permissions to view individual workflow reports.
  2. Browse to the list or document library that contains the workflow for which you want to view reports.

  3. Point to the item or document that is involved in the workflow, click the arrow that appears, and then click Workflows.

  4. On the Workflows page, in the Running Workflows section, click the name of the workflow for which you want status. If no workflows are listed in this section, no workflows are currently running on the selected item.

  5. On the Workflow Status page, in the Workflow History section, click View workflow reports.

  6. On the View Workflow Reports page, locate the workflow association for which you want to view the reports, and do either of the following:

    • To view information about how long it is taking for each activity within a workflow to be completed and how long it takes each instance of the workflow to be completed, click Activity Duration Report.

    • To view information about which workflows were canceled or encountered errors before completion, click Cancellation & Error Report.


    Reports are listed in alphabetical order by workflow association name. Activity Duration reports only return history data that contains duration information. Cancellation and Error Reports only return history data that contains errors or cancellation events.

  7. In the File Location section, click Browse, specify the location to which you want to save the report, and then click OK.