Throttling starts alert- Events 8032 8062 (SharePoint 2010 Products)


Applies to: SharePoint Server 2010, SharePoint Foundation 2010

Alert Name:   SPServer throttling starts

Event ID:   8032 or 8062

Summary:   The front-end Web throttling feature is introduced in Microsoft SharePoint Foundation 2010 to keep the server from running out of resources for high-priority server jobs. Throttling monitors performance counters on the server and begins to reject low-priority jobs by returning a 503 error message when the counter values exceed or drop lower than predefined thresholds.

Symptoms:   The following symptoms might appear:

  • Users receive a 503 error in the browser: The server is busy now. Try again later.

  • This event appears in the event log: Event ID: 8032 Description: Http throttling starts because a heavy load was detected on <server name> the web app name. The excessive performance counters include: <performance counter name>.

  • This event appears in the event log: Event ID: 8062 Description: Http throttling on <server name> stops because there is no heavy load detected now. <# of requests> requests have been throttled during the throttling period.

Cause:   Memory Available and/or ASP.NET\Requests Current have exceeded or dropped lower than the predefined threshold on the front-end Web servers.

Resolution:   Change the throttling threshold

  1. Click Start, click All Programs, click Microsoft SharePoint 2010 Products, and then click SharePoint Management Shell. A Command Prompt window opens.

  2. Enter the following command to obtain the current setting of the performance counter thresholds.

    Get-SPWebApplicationHttpThrottlingMonitors URL

  3. Review the thresholds and decide whether you have to change the current values to less-restrictive thresholds. For example, the following Windows PowerShell command can be used to set the CPU percentage threshold to 75 percent.

    Set-SPWebApplicationHttpThrottlingMonitor URL -Category Processor -Counter "% Processor Time" -instance _Total -Max 75

Resolution:   Disable the throttling feature

  1. On the SharePoint Central Administration Web site, in the Application Management section click Manage web applications.

  2. On the Web Application tab of the ribbon, click General Settings and select Resource Throttling to turn off HTTP throttling.


    Turning off the throttling feature puts the server at risk of running out of resources to serve high-priority jobs in case of high workload. We do not recommend that you ordinarily turn off the throttling feature.

Resolution:   Upgrade hardware

  • Review your capacity plan. You can take different actions can be taken as remedies depending on the reason that throttling is triggered:

    1. Add more memory

    2. Upgrade CPU

    3. Upgrade front-end Web servers

    4. Add more front-end Web servers

    5. Upgrade SQL Server host servers