Claims cannot establish endpoint - Event 8305 (SharePoint 2010 Products)


Applies to: SharePoint Server 2010, SharePoint Foundation 2010

Alert Name:   Security Token Service claims cannot establish an endpoint

Event ID: 8305

Summary:   The Security Token service (STS) claims authentication cannot establish an endpoint.

Symptoms:   One or more of the following symptoms might appear:

  • Users are unable to log on to Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010.

  • Logon fails.

  • This event appears in the event log: Event ID: 8305 Description: An exception occurred when trying to establish endpoint for context: <exception>.

Cause:   The claims provider is not configured correctly.

To confirm that the STS service is running by using Windows PowerShell

  1. Verify that you meet the following minimum requirements: See Add-SPShellAdmin.

  2. On the Start menu, click All Programs.

  3. Click Microsoft SharePoint 2010 Products.

  4. Click SharePoint 2010 Management Shell.

  5. At the Windows PowerShell command prompt, type the following command:

    Get-SPServiceApplicationPool | Where {$_.DisplayName -eq <DisplayName>}| Format-List


    • <DisplayName> is the display name of the STS service application pool. By default, this value is "SecurityTokenServiceApplicationPool".
  6. Verify that the Status of the application pool is Online.

Resolution:   Revert changes to the Web.config file

  1. If the Web.config file was modified, try manually reverting to the previous version, or — if you backed up the file — restore the backup.