STS claims provider error - Event 8307 (SharePoint 2010 Products)


Applies to: SharePoint Server 2010, SharePoint Foundation 2010

Alert Name:   Security Token Service claims provider error

Event ID: 8307

Summary:   The Security Token service (STS) experienced an error.

Symptoms:   One or more of the following symptoms might appear:

  • Users are unable to log on to Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010.

  • Logon fails.

  • People Picker fails to search or resolve and return an error message.

  • This event appears in the event log: Event ID: 8307 Description: An exception occurred in <Claim Provider Name> claim provider when calling <Method Name>: <Exception>.

Cause:   An error occurred with the claims provider that is specified in the exception description.

Resolution:   Disable the claims provider

  1. Disable the claims provider that caused the error and contact the manufacturer of the claims provider for help resolving the error. For more information, see Configure claims authentication (SharePoint Foundation 2010)


    Some SharePoint Server 2010 components might require the claims provider and might not function correctly if it is disabled. For example, shared service applications might fail during a call because the security modules expect that the system claims were added by this provider.