Create a Web Page report by using Dashboard Designer


Applies to: SharePoint Server 2010 Enterprise

By using PerformancePoint Dashboard Designer, you can create Web Page reports for your dashboards. Web Page reports are fully functional Web sites that can be displayed in a PerformancePoint dashboard. For more information about Web Page reports, see Overview of Web Page reports in Dashboard Designer.

Create a reference to a Web site

In Dashboard Designer, when you create a Web Page report, you create a PerformancePoint Web Part to display an existing Web site. You do not actually create the Web site by using Dashboard Designer.

To create a Web Page report

  1. In Dashboard Designer, in the Workspace Browser, click PerformancePoint Content.

  2. In the ribbon, click the Create tab.

  3. In the ribbon, in the Reports group, click Other Reports.

    The Select a Report Template dialog box opens.

  4. In the Select a Report Template dialog box, click Web Page, and then click OK.

    The Web Page report opens for editing in the center pane of the workspace.

  5. In the center pane, click the Editor tab. Then, in the URL box, specify the Web site address (URL) for the site that you want to display.


    Some kinds of pages might not work with the Web Page report type. For example, pages that store cookies might not function correctly in a PerformancePoint Web Part. Make sure that the Web site that you want to use will work with this report type. For more information, contact a SharePoint administrator.

  6. In the center pane, click the Properties tab.

  7. In the Name box, type the name that you want to use for the report.

  8. (This step is optional.) To specify a location for the report, click the Display Folder button, and then select or create a folder.

  9. In the Workspace Browser, right-click the report, and then click Save.

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