Add Visio Services reports to a PerformancePoint dashboard


Applies to: SharePoint Server 2010 Enterprise

This article describes the two ways to add a Visio Services report to a PerformancePoint dashboard. The first method is to add a Web page report while working within PerformancePoint Dashboard Designer and link it to a Visio Services report web site. The other way is to change a published PerformancePoint dashboard by editing the SharePoint page and adding a Web Part that is linked to the report page.

Add a Visio Services report to a dashboard by using Dashboard Designer

In Dashboard Designer, when you create a Web page report, you create a PerformancePoint Web Part to display an existing Web site.

To create a Visio Services Web page report

  1. In Dashboard Designer, in the Workspace Browser, click PerformancePoint Content.

  2. In the ribbon, click the Create tab.

  3. In the ribbon, in the Reports group, click Other Reports.

    The Select a Report Template dialog box opens.

  4. In the Select a Report Template dialog box, click Web Page, and then click OK.

    The Web Page report opens for editing in the center pane of the workspace.

  5. In the center pane, click the Editor tab. Then, in the URL box, specify the location of the Visio Web drawing.

  6. In the center pane, click the Properties tab.

  7. In the Name box, type the name that you want to use for the Visio Services report.

  8. In the Workspace Browser, right-click the report, and then click Save.

  9. Add the report to the dashboard.

Add a Visio Services Web Part to a deployed PerformancePoint Dashboard

To embed a Visio Web drawing on a page, you must be a site administrator for that page with Contribute, Approve, Manage Hierarchy, Design, or Full Control permission.

To embed a Visio Web drawing on an existing dashboard page

  1. Go to the PerformancePoint dashboard page.

  2. Click the Edit tab and then click Edit Page.

  3. Click a Web Part zone on the page.

  4. Click the Insert tab and then click Web Part.

  5. Select the Office Client Applications category and then select the Visio Web Access Web Part.

  6. Click Add.

    An empty Visio Web Access Web Part will appear on your page.

  7. Click the Click here to open the tool pane link to open the Web Part tool pane.

  8. Type the URL to the Visio Web drawing or use the browser Browse button to locate it. Click OK.


    Only Visio Web drawings that are hosted within the same SharePoint farm as the site that is hosting the Web Part can be embedded. Visio Services checks the permissions of page viewers before it displays a web drawing.VisioServices_2nd_CurrentVer drawing displays only if the user has the right to view it.

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